Westport News - February 2023

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Dear Friends of Westport Estate

We have recently been asked by many of you when are we going to host an onsite event and provide a start date. It had certainly been our intention to hold such an event in the coming months.
 We have been really challenged with getting our final Engineering plans signed off by Melbourne Water and Council and this continues to cause inevitable and significant delays.
 Delays I do not see being remedied for some months yet, and as such we cannot finalise our civil works design and therefore not tender the works to get a price or a start date.  These delays, especially around the civil works are further complicated by weather limitations - that is there are limited seasonal times when the civil works can be undertaken before home construction can commence. All of this combined with concerns over the instability of the construction industry across the country and the current uncertain economic outlook, further muddies the waters.

It seems the authorities, like many organisations, have been suffering from a lack of staff to get these jobs prioritised and closed out.

We are therefore temporarily going to pause marketing the project until we can commit to firm pricing and a firm start date.

For those of you with deposits on homes, these can of course remain in place to secure your chosen home and site. Alternately, we understand this unknown delay may be of concern, and as such deposits can be refunded to you in full by contacting Fran. Either way we are happy to keep you informed of any progress as we work through these issues. I am terribly sorry as this is as frustrating to ourselves as it is to you.

We will reconnect over coming months as we get something more concrete from the powers that be.

Kind Regards

Ben Martens
Managing Director

Fran Stimson
Sales Manager
P: 0484 844 448